The most important state action this year

If you read this blog you will not be surprised to here that nuclear power makes no sense economically. You will not be surprised to hear that nuclear utilities have tremendous power over state legislatures because of all the money they have. What you might not be aware of it the future of un-economic nuclear subsidies is up for grabs for the biggest nuclear utility in the country, which is trying to stop real renewables from taking off by demanding bail outs from ratepayers and tax payers. If you know anyone in Illinois now is the time to act. If this legislation goes through, uneconomic reactors will be allowed to continue to operate and wind and solar power will not be permitted to grow as the market dictates they should.


Exelon has raised the stakes. It's time to take them on. And win. Exelon has raised the stakes. It’s time to take them on. And win.

Today NIRS and our colleagues at Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) in Chicago kicked off the most important state-level action we’ll be doing all year: taking on Exelon’s full-court press for a bailout of its aging, uneconomic nuclear fleet in Illinois.

If you’re in Illinois, tell your legislators to reject Exelon’s proposed bailout legislation and instead to support the Clean Jobs Act, which would encourage renewable energy and energy efficiency.

If you’re not in Illinois, but know someone who is, send them this article, or the link to the NIRS’ action page. Or you can send them the Alert we sent out today to people in Illinois.

Exelon is spending millions on campaign contributions and other lobbying efforts to force Illinois residents to pay more for their electricity in order to prop up Exelon’s failed reactors.

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