Birthing Communities: Pending events in DC and NYC

As regular readers of this blog know, we are trying to start urban based income sharing communities in cities in the Northeastern US, specifically NYC, Washington DC, Baltimore and Richmond VA.  We have different strategies in all these towns and friendly competition between the organizers as to what the best approach is to get these new communities off the ground.

In NYC, where we knew fewer people who were interested in this lifestyle, we have been doing public events for the last year.  We have one coming up the weekend after this one called Community Matchmaking.  Please consider coming if you are excited about intentional community in the NYC area.


In Washington we have a group of people who are willing to seriously investigate this style of living.  Cities make things more complex and for the last year this DC group has been working on its agreements, strengthening its social fabric and doing the first round of recruiting to people inside our networks.  DC is now ready to step up its outreach efforts and is having its first public outreach effort on March 24th.  If you are in the Washington DC area and have a strong interest in intentional communities, this is certainly the place to be.  Dinner and introductions start at 6PM.

Next Stop DC

What you should know about this ambitious DC group:

  • The plan is to launch this new community within a year.
  • There are 6 to 8 people planning on being income sharing members and another dozen and a half who are considering it.
  • Most of these folks are currently living in group houses in the DC area.

The event on Tuesday is reaching out to people with collective living experience.  Later events will focus differently and reach out to different audiences.  Do you find collective living enriching and strengthening?  Want to talk about ways to make collective living a lifelong option for more people rather than the transitional living situation that it so often is?  Want to talk about ways to accentuate the positive and ameliorate the negative of living with a bunch of people in close community?  Come out on Tuesday and join the discussion!

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8 responses to “Birthing Communities: Pending events in DC and NYC”

  1. Allan Berger says :

    Found out about it too late! Anything else in DC coming up? /

    • GPaul says :

      Keep an eye on the Point A website ( and/or sign up for the mailing list. There’s nothing else on the calendar yet but we’ll be pulling more events together soon.

  2. ShiraDest says :

    Do you think, as with TwinOaks, ( Textile Arts and book indexing (or editing, which I could certainly do) will be included as part of the self-sufficience operation?

    • paxus says :

      Self sufficiency is not a separate part of the community life. All businesses are integrated into the life and operations of the community and they all help us meet our needs. But perhaps i am understanding you question incorrectly

      • ShiraDest says :

        Hi Paxus,

        I’m sorry, I don’t think I phrased my question well. I was wondering whether textile and book arts are or could also become activities part of the business ops here in AC*DC, but it was just a wishful thinking question, as my earnings have always come from more ‘practical’ work. I am qualifying to teach maths, but I’d love to be able to do some weaving or book-related work that could also be ‘useful’ in some way.

      • paxus says :

        You should get in touch with them directly, the whole income thing is complex, some people who can make money are being discouraged from doing so because other priorities are more important.

      • ShiraDest says :

        Ah, I thought you were GPaul! I actually am in touch with them, just trying to find more ways to connect online as well. Thanks, Shira

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