Pack Lightly

There were a few moments in planning for the upcoming PANYC trip that it looked like we were going to have very little space for luggage.  “Let’s all travel light,” I suggested.  “I can pack less than you,” Triple Threat said in that reckless manner she has.  Except she can’t.

My current plan is to bring nothing.

no baggage

Yes, I will have the one change of clothes on my back and carry a cell phone charger and toothbrush in my pocket- but I can do a week long trip in another city without a backpack or suitcase.  In fact it is almost my preference.

You might say “But don’t you want a change of clothes?”  Sure, that would be nice, and I have lots of generous friends (as almost everyone does) who are willing to put up with my slightly strange behavior so I will tell stories and do their dishes.  Many of them feel good about sharing their stuff- no one ever asks, so they don’t get a chance to show up in this way.  A few years back I made a New Years resolution to travel without luggage, though I could not pull it off consistently.  But in a pinch, no problem.

Trip never had a chance.

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