New Communities in Washington DC?!

We are constantly guessing when and what type of events we should be organizing in order to spark the new communities movement. This time we clearly guessed right.

Triple Threat organizing discussion groups

Triple Threat organizing discussion groups

We had about 70 people at this quickly organized event.  We crowded the Keep with enthusiastic and chatty folks. Many were experienced community people but for most of the group this was relatively new stuff.

John Keep describes his collective house and their trajectory towards income sharing

John Keep describes his collective house and their trajectory towards income sharing

Lovely food and engaging conversation were had. After GPaul did a wild and woolly version of open space technology, we broke into working groups talking about:

I was in the healing discussion group which was held in part in an empty Jacuzzi tub.

There were a lot of people richly chatting in the Keep kitchen

There were a lot of people richly chatting in the Keep kitchen

It was a lovely warm up for our content in NYC this coming weekend, the Community Matchmaking (see Facebook Invite) event. Here is the evolving program for that event, being held at the Brooklyn Free School.

GPaul at the helm

GPaul at the helm

All photos by Dragon

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4 responses to “New Communities in Washington DC?!”

  1. Sandra Harriette says :

    I would love to see more tangible results and resources that link to current community movements in the DC area. As it stands, this post only shows that you guys talked about it, but it doesn’t yield many results just seeing pics. Not for me, at least.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Sandra:

      Fair enuf. There certainly are some links for DC area resources, we will get them posted here in the coming while (and on the site). Stay Tuned.

      Paxus at the Nest, Staten Island
      30 Pregnant Animals 2015

  2. GPaul says :

    I’m not aware of the School of Life Ashram (although we are friends with the School of Life folks at Heathcote Community – I guess School of Life is a popular name). I’m totally aware of the purple people of Takoma Park and have been meaning to reconnect with Nazirahk now that I’m in the district.

    As for tangible results, we’re building our network in DC right now. CoopDC has a fairly exhaustive list of cooperative ventures. We’re in the beginning stages of trying to organize a formal cooperative group house network (this event sparked and kicked off that effort). We know of a few of the intentional communities in the DC area (Chrysalis, Maitri House, Ella Jo Baker House) and have heard about a few co-housing communities in the area.

    Several orgs have already put together lists of resources and ICs and such so we need not duplicate their lists entirely. We’ll be connecting with allies, certainly, and listing them on our site but not until those relationships are somewhat more formed.

    If you have suggestions for people and orgs to meet and work with to forge more cooperative and solidaristic communities I’m hungry for them.

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