Stardust Rising, Snowflake Melting

I found this post on my Facebook wall, authored by me – except i did not write it:

My friends, it turns out there is tremendous need of communal living in Antarctica. The amount of energy it takes to maintain a single family household in those kinds of weather conditions is just astronomical, and it is essential that we help people there to join one another in shared living. I plan to leave leave next month to launch the Snowflake Community, taking advantage of the 6-month long daytime during which I will require no sleep. I’m thinking that we will form a cottage industry creating and exporting ice sculptures. Who wants to come?

Within two hours I had two serious inquiries.  I would have thought the line about not sleeping for half a year would have alerted them to the nature of this hack.  But many people don’t know my facebook page is fairly regularly hacked.  Perhaps exporting ice sculptures sounds more reasonable to others than it does to me.

When I read this hack at first I thought it was from Kristenwho had put up a FB entry once referencing an Antarctic community, but she quickly denied it.   As clever as he is, it was not my son Willow‘s style.

After a few hours of thinking about it and a big hint, I figured out it was by my relatively new lover.  For a number of good reasons and a couple of poor ones she does not yet want to be outed on my blog.  Fortunately, she already has a secret identity as Emilia Plater, who blogs about atheism and who I met through the OK Cupid.    

My new lover did not lead a Polish peasant uprising as her name sake did, not yet anyway

My new lover did not lead a Polish peasant uprising as her name sake did, at least not yet anyway

I have to confess I think that if the hacked posts are so much funnier than what I regularly put up, I should just give up control of my social media and hand the passwords over to the hackers.

I called the month of April ‘Stardust Rising.’  In large part this was because my dear friend and comrade Pilgrim came up early in April and worked on the only enclosed elevated tree house at Acorn, which is affectionately named Stardust.


Stardust Tree House in the Wild

It is called Stardust because Pilgrim, like myself, has been trying unsuccessfully (so far) to start new communities in lots of places.  I put some effort into the now defunct Chubby Squirrels community project.  Pilgrim worked on a project in Ecuador called The Stardust Center for Sustainability and Community.  Pilgrim and I also worked closely on the tragically failed Villages in the Sky project (VIS).

Pilgrim's Ecuador initiative logo

Pilgrim’s Ecuador initiative logo

Pilgrim built Stardust (the tree house at Acorn) with some help a couple of years back.  It was built on top of a platform he had built in 2009 as a precursor to VIS.  This collection of tree houses at Acorn is a regular reminder to me that we need to be looking for our best opportunities to build more communities.

I long for Stardust rising.

Stardust Tree House Detail

Stardust Tree House Detail

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One response to “Stardust Rising, Snowflake Melting”

  1. richard w. lisko says :

    i wish i had such funny hacks.

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