We wouldn’t need any law enforcement if

In 2004, Twin Oaks was briefly harassed by an unmarked black helicopter.

They say it was never below 500', we had it at tree tops.

They say it was never below 500′, we had it at tree tops.

A much nimbler Coyote rushed to his room to get a camera.  Remembering that without photographic proof there would be no story or media coverage of this event.  His picture is above.

One of Charlottesvilles local free newspapers at the time (the Hook) picked up the story and ran with it, ultimately discovering who was in the unmarked chopper.

Over the course of finding the culprit, the author of the article talked with lots of different military and law enforcement personal.  They asked them all about Twin Oaks and if they had any trouble with us.

From the article:

So are Twin Oakers big troublemakers? “I haven’t had any trouble with them,” says [Louisa County Sheriff] Fortune. “We wouldn’t need any law enforcement if everybody lived like they do at Twin Oaks.”

Just about the best advertising a community could ask for.

We ar ehappy to get ignored - Police in Ferguson 2014

We are happy to get ignored – Police in Ferguson 2014

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3 responses to “We wouldn’t need any law enforcement if”

  1. Sara Tansey says :

    Except for that you miss the point. Law enforcement isn’t here to staunch crime, it is here to control and fracture those communities that the state has always attempted to control. Twin Oaks is essentially a middle class white community. Law enforcement doesn’t payroll those communities in Babylon either, unless they’re called in by members of those communities. Which is unlikely to happen at Twin Oaks.

    • paxus says :

      This view is too myopic. Law enforcement has lots of different functions. In some cases, it exactly intercedes in crime, we see this all the time. Law enforcement absolutely does break up communities of color and part of the reason i selected this photograph is to high light the problem of over armed police forces assaulting citizens.

      You are absolutely right that Twin Oaks as a principally white community is going to avoid most of the disruptive gaze of the police, except (as you point out) in the unlikely case that they are called in by the members.

      But there are dozens of different types and personalities of police forces across the country. In Louisa county we have very few police in total and as far as i can see, breaking up black communities is not really on their agenda (and i might have missed it, but i think i would have heard). The Ferguson police department has started a war with exactly the people they are supposed to be protecting. NYC on the other hand has crazy complex law enforcement practices, many of which are designed to generate revenue.

  2. milo says :

    Read the article. What struck me was the army spokesperson saying, “That’s only in the movies.” Beside the stupidity of denying the fact (todays army), this points to the collusion between the media and the MIC where a truth will be presented as fiction, then sensationalized to the point of fantasy. So, when the base fact is revealed the “whistle-blower” will be labeled as paranoid and “you watch too mush T.V.”

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