Acorn Meeting Notes

I’ve been away from Acorn for about a week now, helping a brand new FEC community get started (more on this later).  But while I am away I read carefully the minutes of the Acorn meetings which take place.  This has less to do with wanting to be on top of the decision making of one of my favorite communes and more to do with the comic gems which appear inside.

Slightly less darling than the runt baby pig

Slightly less darling  than feeding the runt baby pig

This is from today’s meeting:

Piranhas for the pond!

Rejoice: Mike thinks we should get piranhas for the pond! Thoughts?

Ken: F*** yeah. None of this mellow Tilapia shit.

Consensus: Ken will bottle-feed baby piranhas from Craigslist and then release them into the pond when they reach maturity.

i miss Acorn

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5 responses to “Acorn Meeting Notes”

  1. Will says :

    Um . . . is it not illegal to have piranhas in your neck of the woods, for the very good reason that they pose a huge threat to the native ecology?

  2. Marielle says :

    Every so often I do too.

  3. benji says :

    you can play them off against the salt water crocodiles you stocked last year

  4. -joan underhill says :

    Paxus, you DO know that when I lived there, I digitized the entire record of Acorn handwritten meeting notes, right? They’re similarly spectacular. Look for them on the network sometime. I am the ultimate organizer of chaotic things. It’s one of my superpowers.

    There’s also all the great old Acorn Birthday Party flyers, which included things like the year they told everyone they were getting llamas, and set up a manger-type area, and held a llama naming party… and the year they had everyone hunting for the hidden caves…

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