Beyond Brittle Agreements – Workshop Description

Beyond Brittle Agreements:

What the Communes can teach about real Sharing

3 PM to 3:50 New School NYC Saturday Nov 14, 2015 Part of Platform Cooperativism

Room U622 @ 66 5th Avenue Manhattan, NY near the Union Square subway station.

The extraction economies of AirBnB and Uber have hot wired the “sharing economy” with insurance, marketing and economies of scale.  But there is another way.  Income sharing intentional communities have been operating the real sharing economy since well before these upstarts by using trust and enhanced communication techniques.

hands sharingThis workshop explores how these communities have successfully shared cars, clothes, buildings, bicycles, businesses and bank accounts for nearly half a century.  These techniques have allowed their members to live an upper middle class lifestyle on an income of less than half the poverty line while also emitting 1/5 the carbon of their mainstream counterparts.

Learn how to avoid brittle agreements and other pitfalls that plague most efforts to construct truly cooperative ownership systems.  Functional trust building takes more than a great user interface.  Robust communication requires more than high speed broadband.  Place based intentional communities have lessons for the virtual world, which if ignored will likely leave the sharing economy in the hands of the extractors.  

A beautiful girl sitting on her bed and witnessing the distruction of a city at the window, as a projection of her thoughts turned into reality.This image is a digitally enahnced portrait which is enriched with details given by real photographs and hand/painted elements, wisely merged and manipulated to create a very realistic looking picture.

Is cooperativism a disruptive technology? Only if we are lucky

The workshop facilitators:

Paxus Calta lives at Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia and is a co-founder of the Point A project which is starting income sharing communities in urban areas of the northeast US.  He blogs and builds place based non-extractive sharing systems.  He is also involved in starting new income sharing communities in Vermont, Colorado and California.

GPaul Blundell is a member of Acorn Community and the other co-founder of the Point A project.  He is currently in Washington DC founding an ambitions engaged income sharing community inside the city limits.  He analyzes European and US income sharing communities and designs and builds coliving and coworking buildings.  

“How much is this stuff really worth?”  Perhaps this is the wrong question

“How much is this stuff really worth?” Perhaps this is the wrong question

This workshop is half presentation and half small group discussions on how and why most non-hierarchical sharing systems fail and how to avoid this when porting them to the virtual world.

“How much is this stuff really worth?”  Perhaps this is the wrong question

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

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