Anya and Sappho’s Birthday

In the first three minutes after they met each other Anya from Twin Oaks and Sappho from Acorn found out that they shared the same birthday, Nov 20. And from then on they have been thick as thieves.

anya and sappho bday

Commune Birthday Girls

Sappho just turned 9 and Anya just turned 7 and both communities celebrated in their own ways. At first this was not the plan. At first Anya, who has every birthday since the first at Twin Oaks was going to share her birthday with Sappho and they would celebrate it together at Twin Oaks which is larger, has a bunch of kids, and has expansive public space which can easily accommodate a largish, rambunctious kid birthday party without impacting anything else.

Acorn was having none of it. Sappho was our kid (this being her very first birthday party at the commune) and she would have a party at Acorn, whether she wanted one or not!  It ended up being an entirely adult party, except for the birthday girl herself.

birtdhday cake surreal

There were sweets and singing of songs, but it was not like most 9 year old birthdays in a number of ways. First off, birthday cakes were replaced by cupcakes. A lack of candles led to the hippie rig of putting wooden matches into the cupcakes, which worked poorly. Most kids get an off key rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” (which I consider the worst song ever.) Sappho and Anya instead got the Viking birthday dirge.

[chanted drearily]

It’s your birthday [thump] happy birthday [thump]

Death, destruction, and despair
People dying everywhere

It’s your birthday [thump] happy birthday [thump]

May the cities in your wake
Burn like candles on your cake

It’s your birthday [thump] happy birthday [thump]

Now you are the age you are
Your demise cannot be far

It’s your birthday [thump] happy birthday [thump]

Indigestion’s what you get

from the enemies you ‘et

It’s your birthday [thump] happy birthday [thump]

One day closer to death



Cupcake Factory

There was a white elephant present exchange in which the birthday girls gathered a bunch of their books and toys and wrapped them. Then they played a game where attendees chose presents but could also swap them for another one of the presents already taken. This reversal of conventional gift giving was more fun and engaged more people.


Painting the birthday bookcase

In a new birthday tradition, Gryphon grabbed a bookshelf sorely needed for Sappho’s room and delivered it to the party, where the decoration of it became a party event.

It’s okay to grow older, just never grow up.


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2 responses to “Anya and Sappho’s Birthday”

  1. summica says :

    Ha I was so focused on decorating cupcakes that I didn’t realize people couldn’t find the candles till reading this post. I had a bunch of them! Oh well.

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