Feeling the Bern – Sane Foreign Policy

I self-identify as an anarchist. Normally, I don’t give money to politicians, though I have been known to make phone calls for candidates. Until today, I have only broken this guideline once, for Ron Dellums.

Vice President Spiro Agnew decided to call Dellums

the most dangerous person ever on the verge of becoming a member of the U.S. Congress

I knew I had to contribute (though this was well before my radicalization.)


I have lots of lovely passionate friends who are big Bernie supporters. He is the only presidential candidate in my lifetime who has proposed a principally positive role for government and has some possibility of not being bought out upon being elected, as Obama was.


I have talked to a number of friends who do not normally give to political campaigns who have given to Bernie, which is why he is breaking fundraising records. And I have sort of been waiting for my moment to cave in and pitch in some cash. That moment is today.

I just read this clever analysis of what Sanders wants to do with ISIL. He needs to sound presidential, so he is not recommending the US sit this one out. But he is suggesting requiring the powers in the region to lead the effort; the US cannot be leading taking on a Muslin extremist threat, that should be done by more moderate Muslims from the region.


What is especially important from an anarchist perspective is the notion that Sanders ‘gets it’ with respect to neocolonialism and is calling out the failed US-sponsored coup-d’etats in Iran in 1953 and Chile in 1973. This is Zinn history, which does not make it often to the classroom, much less mainstream political debates.

And if I am honest about the US needing to understand how it creates the amplifying cycle of the war on terror, then I need to support the guy who is giving a reluctant country a much needed history lesson.

You can also give money to Bernie here.







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One response to “Feeling the Bern – Sane Foreign Policy”

  1. Erin Tucker says :

    I met Erik Todd Dellums in a convenience store on Nebraska ave. He was really tall and really sweet. His father is Ron Dellums. That’s all. 😊


    Thank you,

    Erin Tucker Executive Director On Our Own, Charlottesville http://www.onourowncville.org


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