Persistent Nice Things

Two years ago I wrote in the blog about a naming party for Twin Oaks’ new Prius. We called the car “This is why we can’t have Nice Things.” When someone asked Kathryn, who was helping facilitate the naming party, why we selected this name she simply said:

Come back in a year and look at this car and you will understand why we decided to call it this.


Kathryn pessimistic at Prius naming party – Circa 2013

Collectively, we are hard on things. Shared items (like cars and bikes and clothes) can get rough treatment sometimes, in part because there are a lot of users and in part because people often take better care of things they personally own. Communal property often has a rough ride with many owners/operators. But a funny thing happened on the way to the predicted tragedy of the commons.  It did not happen.

Instead it seemed the communards were willing to take some greater responsibility for things which perhaps needed it. Now after over 2 years, Nice Things (as it is called for short) is in fine condition. And our intrepid vehicle manager Trout has taken advantage of this better-than-expected behavior.


The future is not dual fuel vehicles – but for the moment it makes sense

He has bought 3 more hybrids.

Over 1/4 of the current car fleet at Twin Oaks is high fuel efficiency hybrid cars. Trout calculates that this saves us over $2K per hybrid per year.

So when someone tells you, “Sharing does not work, tragedy of the commons, and all that,” you can tell them about Nice Things.



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5 responses to “Persistent Nice Things”

  1. adder says :

    I really do love having Prii.

  2. Tree Bressen says :

    I hope some of the other fantastic names on the list got applied to the new Prii (“Liberal Gilt,” “Hybrid Vigor,” etc.)–the brilliance of TO naming parties never fails to crack me up!

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Tree:

      You will be thrilled to learn that Hybrid Vigor is current the name of the second Prius that we acquired. In the age of sustainability we can not afford to lose good names and so we recycled it from the previous naming party (and it is a great name for a prius).

      Paxus at Acorn

  3. Trout says :

    I have unusually bad luck, which is one of the reasons I’m so very detail aware…I seriously hope you knocked on wood before you posted this.

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