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i have to say i am very proud of my co-dad.  Sky has been selected as the new executive director of the Fellowship for Intentional Communities.   And near the top of the list of things that EDs do, is hustle money.


Willow and Sky Blue – Circa 2012

So far he has been pretty successful.  The first crowd funding effort since he became ED has raised more than $7K for the FIC’s Intentional Communities directory.

The FIC is trying to build on this success in the last few days of the online fund drive.  An anonymous donor has agreed to match any donations up to the $7500 mark that come in.

As with many good crowd source campaigns, the FIC is making it easy to donate by giving you a premium that you really want anyway for your donation.  You can get the brand new FIC intentional communities directory for donating $25.  Just do it.


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