Point A DC Naming Party – you can help

I am spending the current Snowpocolypse in a place called Swan Point.  It is a lovely Point A DC retreat which is hoping to do a bunch of things, including start the income sharing group in Washington.  I am pleased to be hanging with such a clever, talented and motivated group.  If anyone can pull off this perhaps impossible task, it is the likes of these folks.


Urban communards all snowed in and happy

And names are important and we don’t yet have one for the DC Point A community.  Below is the list of names which have been suggested so far.  You can put in your votes (6 yes votes and 3 no votes) for the names you like and those you can’t stand.  You can reply either on Facebook (where this is posted on 1) my personal page, 2) The FEC Facebook page or the Point A Facebook page) or if you are not on FB at all, or dont want them to know what you think, you can leave a comment on this blog.   You are also welcome to make suggestions for new names for the commune.   The names currently on the list are:


Asylum for Idiots (What the first promising Point A DC site was originally called)

Georgia Flats (we are most likely to be near Georgia Avenue)

Salt Flats (we are likely on Morton St)


The Tower of Power

Anarres (the anarchist moon from the classic Sci-fi novel The Dispossessed)

Kat’s Cradle (for Kat Kinkade, founder to TO, Acorn and East Wind)

Point B

Babel II

The Hanging Gardens of Morton St

Cappel’s Follie


The House of Common


Orbital Lifeboat Factory

Point Awesome

Bliss Wallah


K Street Extension

Terra Prime

Dream Village

Alchemy Lab

All You Can Eat Shrimp Just $4.99 (was almost sort of Batman‘s new name)

Stone Soup

Echo Estates

Fawkes Gloves

Hologram House

Point Z

Morton Street Kommune

The Fortune Cookie Factory

Commune Pooper

DC Bolsheviks

The Matriarchy


Blind Faith


Unicorn Factory


Laser Snake




11235 Eureka!


The Anarchist Frathouse

The Arbor

Paradise Found


Fast Forward

Best Chance

Double Back


Open Secret


Tech Startup

High Risk

High Wire





Bent Thunder


Fair Share

Long View

Charismatic Wolf Leaders

Microcosm (making members Microcosmonauts)

Castle in the Sky


The Hanging Gardens


The A Ward

The Ward (we would be Wardens)

The Twin Towers

Cuddle Cult






The Supernatural

The House of Unicorns

The Communist Castle

500 Grumpy Anarchists


ACDC (an acronym for A Commune in DC)

Some of these names are crazy unlikely.  Even tho i have an old lover named Styrofoam, the Point A folks are unlikely to choose this clever name.  Nor (thankfully) does Communist Castle have much of a chance.

Help us Choose, by commenting on this blog or write on the Facebook Pages this article is posted on.  Feel free to add your own names, we will likely choose quite soon though, so hurry.




About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

15 responses to “Point A DC Naming Party – you can help”

  1. Ronia Molder says :

    Anarres is an awesome name, but wouldn’t that be confusing within the FEC universe, as it’s a house at EW?

  2. Sabrina says :

    Hey Paxus, glad you’re safe and in a good place – you always have such cool life stories to tell, and this will be another one! Did anyone think of something along the lines of ACDC (A Community in DC), or maybe something along the lines of the Power Company? Empowerment… something about Tesla and Edison? So I have to go with, “The Tower of Power” from your list – I like the beauty in the name Avalon though it might be too trite for that group. 😉 Good luck and I hope I get to come visit someday!!! 😀 hugs!

  3. milo says :

    would you consider choosing a name that does not immediately disinterest skilled, practical persons, giving the community a chance for a balanced population rather than being peopled entirely by pseudo-anarchist dreamers?

  4. Stephen Theiss says :

    I would like to suggest the name Matrix after the science fiction movie The Matrix.

  5. BB says :

    Vote up: ACDC, Anarres, Point B/Z, Redpill, Threshold, Terra Prime
    Vote down: anything that references specific geography since the property isn’t acquired yet, The Anarchist Frathouse (blech), Cuddle Cult

    While I disagree with Milo’s apparent assumption that skilled, practical people and Anarchist

  6. jbird says :

    columbia home for wayward humans

  7. Tree Bressen says :

    Call me! I miss you.
    My yes votes are for: Anarres, Kat’s Cradle, Hanging Gardens of Morton St., House of Common, Point Awesome, and Fair Share. If i had a 7th vote it would go to Open Secret.
    No on names that i think are already taken elsewhere: Groupworks (duh), Stone Soup (Chicago), Mosaic Commons is a cohousing in Boston, and there’s a Dreamtime Village in Wisconsin, isn’t there?

  8. ShiraDest says :

    Of the lot, I think AC*DC worth voting up, though I believe the final name is still under discussion?

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