Against all odds, Bernie Sanders still has a chance to become president.  Why do i say “against all odds”?  Well, it starts with the media.

Way back in December, the Sanders staff did an analysis of the mainstream media (MSM) and found that ABC’s World News Tonight had spent 81 minutes on Trump and 20 seconds on Sanders.  Other MSM outlets were similarly uninterested in the popular Jewish socialist running for the country’s top office.  Even the NY Times can’t bring itself to report on this anti-establishment candidate, while it rails endlessly on the establishment ills.

Conventional wisdom would claim that Trump is saying more outrageous and newsworthy things.  I would be hard pressed to disagree on the outrageous part.  But someone advocating for free college tuition and expansion of the ever controversial Obamacare program to cover all US Americans with free health care is saying some pretty newsworthy stuff.  Despite Sanders being remarkable, the MSM is still owned and controlled by a class which finds his radical views unacceptable.


As a political candidate for president in the US you need to have exposure.  What i found canvassing for Sanders in Virginia was lots of people had not heard of him.  So if you can’t get the MSM to cover you, then you need to pay for ads, but these are crazy expensive.  Here is where Sanders is again running against all odds.

Sanders raised $140 million from individual contributions through the end of February.  Clinton raised $160 from people over the same period.  But add to this $60 million in Super PAC money for Clintoand you can see how things are harder for Sanders.

Sanders does not take money from Super PACs. [For a reality check Republicans have raised almost twice as much money as Democrats and over half for the GOP money is from Super PACs, contrasted to 15% for Democrats.]

The thing about long shots is you need to know when to double down and when to walk away.  I don’t generally give money to politicians.  Despite voting, i am still an anarchist and find most of the personality politics repugnant.  I am giving Sanders $27, which is the average amount he has received and feels like a good number to me.

sanders landslides

The reason you double down on the right long shot is not because you are going to win, but it is to be part of the springboard of hope.  Sanders has amazing momentum.  Consider helping the campaign in non-monetary ways if you can, especially if you have friends in NY or California.

After the recent set of landslide victories in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska (which were largely ignored by the MSM), it is time to double down.  The odds are still against us, but the odds are always going to be against us.  I am sending my $27. I hope you will too.



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7 responses to “$27”

  1. milo says :

    oh, paxus (insert emoji for condescending pat on the head) you think a little jewish boy is going to save you from the capitalist imperial power structure.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Milo: The presidential election is a holding game. If the Koch brothers win our sons inherit a shit world. I know you thrive on being pessimistic and cynical, but it turns out that does not help much (except you get to thump your chest about how wise you were when enough people join you and things fall apart).

  2. Arrow says :

    Nice article. I wanted to point out though that Bernie’s health care proposal is not an extension of Obama-care but actually fundamentally different. While Obama care is still paid for by insurance companies who then pass on the expenses to the users and their employers, Bernies proposal is for single payer plan in which the federal government would pay the costs and pas it straight through as taxes to employees and employers. I assume you know all this. The empirical evidence shows that single payer plans are less expensive and cover everyone. Currently we pay more for healthcare than any other nation.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Arrow:

      You are absolutely right. And the point that i was tryign to make is that the minimal efforts Obama has made to increasing health services (which are really insurance reforms) are tiny compared with what Bernie is proposing, so expect a fight.

  3. pnc says :

    I seriously love Bernie, but I can’t vote for him. I’ve waited all my life for a candidate/party who represents fiscal conservatism and social liberalism. I’ll probably exit the planet politically unrequited.

  4. hawstom says :

    I donate to Sanders because I know that I will not regret having done it regardless of the outcome. His very persistence in the campaign brings about good, I think. And I also think that his pulpit-pounding regarding campaign finance reform is likely to do more good for fiscal conservatism than pulpit-pounding about budget balancing.

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