3 responses to “The Tiny Big Fix: Radical Sharing”

  1. bodhirayo says :

    Feeling grateful for the 100’s of millions of kindred souls here, the many millions more around the globe, past present and future saints and prophets, and our Mother Earth, together we sing as One Heart. This Healing Begins With Us. Can you hear its song?
    💚 Seven Billion Hearts Singing Love as One 💚

  2. David de Ugarte says :

    Please have a look to https://lamatriz.org/sharings/directory
    Yes, it is a sharing-everything space, it is free software based but what is more important: in is distributed. We have our node, Shareable is standing up its node now. If you want we can help you to stand up yours. Nodes interconnect and so does the sharing space. But it also interconnects conversation (a kind of federation of local twitter or forums) and in our case, all the commentaries of our blog and the blogs of the people supporting las Indias use our node as a kind of «disqus» in order to federate them in a single and diverse conversation.

    The software is being developped by a transnational team of developpers made of people of las Indias and people of Free Software Foundation.

    Please have a look to


    If it could be interesting to yo, we would love to support the fec in order to create its own federative sharing space and conversational distributed tools.

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