Unlikely Hammocks

Our customers send as all manner of interesting pieces of news about hammocks worldwide.  This Dutch story particularly caught my eye.

Closer to home, yesterday was Black Friday and we launched our first major hammocks holiday season sale.


“Why have you not done a winter holiday sale before?”  I can hear you asking.  Principally because hammocks are very largely a seasonal purchase, and winter is not their season.  Which is why we are leading with our stylish hanging chairs.

If you are looking for a lovely holiday present, go to www.twinoakshammocks.com and use the “HOLIDAYS2016” discount code once you have added something to the shopping cart.  At 25%, this is the biggest discount we have ever had.

These hammocks, hanging chairs and accompanying pillows are made in the US, by our workers cooperative, nestled within our income sharing intentional community.  What could be a better way to spend your hard earned money?


Still on the drawing boards

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