What Trump Makes Great

I estimate that I despise Trump about 4 times more than the average liberal US american. Despite this, I am still aware of a small but important number of things Trump has made great again.

Steven Cobert is a very clever guy.  But Trump gives him the raw material he needs to be brilliant.

Much closer to home, the Trump presidency has made my weekly phone calls to my mother great again.  Hawina, Willow and I were visiting my mother on election night.  It was a shared family tragedy.  And now every week my mother and I rant together about the increasingly preposterous administration.

Because of her upset, my mother went to her first protest in her life as a participant.



i did not tell her it is the name of an eco-terrorist group


But it is not surprising that this slash and burn President will cut some terrible government programs.  True to his promise (which Hillary would have reneged on) Trump killed the terrible Trans-Pacific Partnership.


In a budget which will certainly get re-written, he has zero-funded the Mixed Oxide fuel fabrication facility.  This expensive, ill-conceived program is designed to convert plutonium from weapons into reactor fuel.


We can only hope that while he is slashing the Department of Energy (which mostly funds the US nuclear weapons laboratories) he will pass on rescuing a Bankrupt Westinghouse.

bankruptcy westinghouse


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