Climate Strike Philly

If you organize protests when you attend a rally you look at the speakers. I watched the last 20 speakers and performers at Philadelphia’s Climate Strike. There was a highly racially diverse group, all but one was female, none were white males.

Women ran the stage

If you organize protests you look at the crowd. This was a student strike. The average age for the crowd might have been 16, even considering one old fart like me drags up the average age for 20 people almost 3 years.

The Crowd was young – and large

When one of the speakers asked how many participants were attending their first protests, most of the crowd replied loudly. Which is always a good sign.

The speeches were short and mostly crisp. The march was around a single block and demanded the city council take action on this critical issue. If you want to see more pictures go to #PhillyStrikesBack

15 months ago Greta Thunberg and a small handful of her student peers started striking at government buildings every Friday. Today millions of students over most developed countries followed her lead.

This is what leadership looks like

There were also some clever signs.

If nothing else, the speed of the growth of this movement is appropriate for the magnitude of the problem we face. The kids were stressing voting. For me voting is critically important and way too slow. I look forward to the Extinction Rebellions non-violent direct action arrests at the upcoming in October. Because i think direct action can be faster than voting.

Brilliant Aussie Climate Propaganda

The alarm bells are quite loud. Can you hear them as well?

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