Too soon, Gwen

Gwen, it is incomprehensible that your spirit has flown so soon.

I have known for a few days but all of me is still crying out NO. It cannot be. There must be some mistake. You knew that road, you have things to do, the world needs you. You are too loved to be gone. But it doesn’t work like that.

Eighteen years. I am reeling, we are all reeling, that that is all you got. Sweet, fierce, wise Gwendolyn.

Going through my photos, through the heartbreak and tears, my overwhelming sense was of how loved you are, and what an incredible life you lived.

Like Hawina wrote, ‘All the mountains that Gwen would have moved will now be dismantled at a slower pace…’

Exactly that.

Gwen at the Women’s march – Mountain moving will be delayed

I wish I could be with all those who loved you over the coming days. Many, like me, remember when you were born (sheesh your mama was ready to have you in her arms!). I remember your new baby smell. I remember holding your hands as you began walking, the youngest at that year’s Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering. I remember a wicked glint in your eye and hearing stories of you through the years, over the seas, and thinking, yes, this one will move mountains.

I will be there in spirit as beloveds carry your physical self to rest in the Twin Oaks cemetery, not far from where you were born. A circle complete far too soon.

All my love to your mama, dad Tom, Jonah, Robert and Madge, Willow, Hawina, Pax, Sky, Kristen, Keenan, and all the other mamas and papas, primaries and the many in your community, Twin Oaks and beyond. You gave so much in your short life. A little piece of all our hearts go with you.

Fly high beautiful.

Words by Anissa, pictures by Instagram

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

5 responses to “Too soon, Gwen”

  1. Jason says :

    Tears flowing, my heart breaks with you

  2. Leonore Alaniz says :

    I never met Gwen. But the pain felt here is huge; beautiful words about mountains now moving slowly – never the less and because.

  3. gregory1078 says :

    My heart breaks so hard with you and everyone. I just cannot always find the words as you did. I am/was her Uncle in-law, god I don’t even know.. But yes *crying* her Uncle in-law. My wife is Robert’s little sister. Robert and Gwen’s Mom were at our house because Margaret and Robert just lost their Dad at 81. Then the next morning the sureal & most terrible news came of Gwen’s death at 18. Gwen and her family are so very strong. So is my wife’s family. But I am not. I have been a mess in a puddle of tears by myself, in front of people I know, in a Wegman’s in Charlottesville where I had a very strong vision or sense of her being with us. But 8s feels just because it’s grief over a life full of so much future to take on, cut too short, too soon.

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