Pronto & Presto

If someone asks you “What is the best type of site for a transformative festival?” you might consider answering “a former paint ball course”.  I would not have thought this way a year ago, but today I am delighted at our good luck in finding this beautiful site with supportive and engaged property owners. The paint ball course was designed with a spagetti like collection of roads an paths. Add to this wild flowers, bee hives and lovely water features and you have a ready made fairy land where with the right people and activities you might just change someones life.

Early map without most of the spaghetti trails, hidden nooks and magical features.

We had a pretty successful ProtoQuink event recently, which was a build up camp and systems test for the QuinkFair celebration.  We got the first dome up, we tested the gazebo that will host the Temple of Oracles as well as the water system. The first pieces of the solar system kept the refrigerator going (once we remembered to plug it in, that is).  And it was great to be with so many helpful, resourceful and thoughtful folks. 

“Proto” means the earliest form of something, and we have definitely started forming the elements of the QuinkFair event which will happen in the first 4 days of October. We tested the kitchen, rain and drinking water systems, compost, humanure, electric, recycling and trash systems. We had some failures, but those have been mostly resolved by now.  We’ve also had successes, both in building systems and in bringing new members onto the team to help with parking layouts, chili making, trail marking, and more. 

We were sufficiently excited by the results of Proto-Quink (and the amount of work that still needs to be done so significant) that we decided to have two more work/test weekends.  In the “starts with P” format that ProtoQuink established, we decided to call them “ProntoQuink” (Sept 11-12) with perhaps the thinking that we are in a hurry now, and “PrestoQuink” (Sept 25-26) on the weekend before the event we when will make it slightly magically all come together.

There are now several cultural elements we want to test while we are building up the infrastructure at the next Quink work camps. ProtoQuink is September 11 and 12, [Facebook event] and ProntoQuink is Sept 25 and 26, which will lead into the final build week from Sept 27-30.

And the menu of things we are going to be working on and doing during ProntoQuink includes:

  • Erecting the second 30’ dome – “New Amsterdome” (Saturday)
  • Mini-talent show and fire spinning demo
  • Setting up a yoga space 
  • Assembling wooden benches
  • Naming spaces, mapping the layout, and sign making so folks can find places
  • Testing sound system with DJs and dancing
  • Building a dock for the lovely river access point
  • Setting up the Temple of Oracles and doing readings (Sunday)

Saturday morning we will build the New Amsterdome

If you are interested in this event, write to or call 541-505-0803

And we will give you the undisclosed location.

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