Begging for the Revolution

Dearest Friends:

The year has been jammed and even though it is not done, it’s time for me to look back so i can guess where i want to go.  And i want to ask for your help with these projects which speak to me, because i hope at least one of them will speak to you.

It was a joy and privilege to start the year with the successful conclusion of the Flip Georgia campaign. We wrestled two Senate seats away from the Republicans and stripped McConnell of Majority Leader status, and briefly felt hope on the country’s ability to recover from Trump.  Rev Warnock’s win was confirmed the evening of January 5, and Jon Ossoff’s victory was confirmed the next morning on January 6th.  A few hours later, we watched the Jan 6th insurrection at the Capitol (on tv).   


Part of the Flip team was hired to explore remedies to disinformation movements in general and QAnon in particular, and we created the QRemedy project.  We are trying all manner of different approaches with a special emphasis on games.  We assembled an expert panel of game designers which concentrated on conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns, and was brilliantly facilitated by my dear comrade Crystal who was able to wrestle UCSC into partnering with us.  Rez and Angie are working on curating our large body of research on this novel movement and its impacts, as well as misinformation and disinformation movements in general.  You will find the first part of the resources we’ve compiled here, and more will be posted in the coming weeks.

Rabbit Hole Traps

It’s not all work and political struggle; i was also part of a team of “disorganizers” who pulled off a transformative festival called QuinkFair this last October.  We had our share of quinks to brag about.  Several people’s paths turned towards new opportunities: people quit jobs that were not serving them, joined communities, fell in love, and one chronicled the first annoyed use of the word “quink”.

He:  And this relationship is important to me because …

She: Hey can we go, i want to get to this workshop which is happening soon!

He: Hold on, i am trying to have a quink here with you!

She: Okay, well, now you have my attention.

He:  Will you marry me?

She: Wow – yes!

These stories and more made this one of my favorite events ever and we have been invited back to the same site for Fall 2022. QuinkFair will be in Louisa County on September 22-26, 2022.  RSVP

Part of what was brilliant about QuinkFair was the work Serenity Community did helping with scholarship and work exchange especially for POC and queer participants.  I have been very happy with the work i have been doing with Serenity on starting the first POC centric income sharing community in the county, and QuinkFair is a good outreach event as Serenity seeks more members and supporters.  This small but important step created an unusually successful event and is why i am asking for funds for it

We are also seeking funding for QRemedy’s on-going work countering disinformation.  Our work includes research and exploration of how to counter these movements, as well as crafting a new empathy/compassion guide book for people who have lost friends or family to these rabbit holes and are hoping to maintain their relationships.  

Thanks for reading

Paxus on the Train

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