Conference Intern Wanted

Conference/Gatherings Intern Job Description

Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia is hosting 4 conferences and gathering in the Summer and early Fall of 2022.  We are looking for an intern who will help organize these events. The intern would live at Twin Oaks (or possibly one of the other nearby communities) and receive room and board and a stipend of $100/month, which is the same compensation as the members of these communities get and thus you can live comfortably basically without spending much, or any, of your own money. There will also be an opportunity to work in the many labor areas of the community and balance work of different types over each week. 

Lots of workshops at the Communities Conference

Responsibilities for this internship will vary depending on the skills and desires of the intern and would consist of a mix of the following:

  • Physical landscaping and set up work at the conference site
  • Social media and other online work to promote these events
  • Organizing work supporting participants with registration and orientation
  • Child care at the events working with engaged parents
  • Workshop coordination with presenters and event organizers

If you want to learn or experience the inside of making an informal gathering work, this might be an ideal job for you. The ideal candidate for this job is proactive, works well in informal groups and is a clear communicator.  It is not a requirement that you have organized or worked on a conference or gathering before.   Ideally, this position would start soon, and there is flexibility around both start and end dates.  More than one internship position is available.  

The Conference Site

Apply via email to This position should start soon, and there is flexibility around both start and end dates.  Please introduce yourself and complete the regular Twin Oaks visitor letter of introduction and say a bit about why this would be a good position for you.

5 ways to get the most out of the Communities Conference


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