Festival Interns Wanted

QuinkFair Festival Intern Job Description

On Sept 23 thru 26 the third transformative QuinkFair festival will be held in Mineral Virginia.  Hosted on the lush and maze-like property of Happy Hills, this event is inspired by a collection of well established events including the Rainbow Gathering, the Communities Conference and Burning Man.  Experience with festival culture is desirable but not required for the festival intern position.

The festival intern will work on a wide variety of tasks, depending on their skills, interests and the needs of the project.  These include:

  • Landscape and construction work on site
  • Social Media and internet based event promotion work
  • Helping build the interactive art exhibitions on site
  • Rideshare and registration coordination with participants  
  • Curating workshops, musical program and ritual design

The intern would live at one of the income sharing communities in Louisa (depending on which seemed the best fit) and receive room and board and a stipend of $100/month, which is the same compensation as the members of these communities and thus you can live comfortably basically without money.  There will also be an opportunity to work in the many labor areas of the community and balance work of different types over each week.  There are also several events happening before QuinkFair and if they are of interest it is possible to work on these as well.  

QuinkFair starts from the proposition that there are positively transformative events (Quinks) which can be inspired and sparked.  Through a colorful and chaotic mix of exhibits, interactive art, music, guides & readers, workshops, dance, books and your own curiosity, this event seeks to create experiences and insights for personal growth and cultural change.

If you are interested please contact paxus@twinoaks.org with information about your interest and experience with festivals and availability.

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Stock Festival Image

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