On Meditating:  i hate it.  i get that it is great for lots of people, i am thrilled that it serves them so.  And when they wanted me to participate in group meditation at the beginning of Not Forum, i rudely protested “dont waste my time.”  I heard about how people feel more connected to a group if they all meditate together.  I know other groups that like to say the pledge or sing a hymn before they start their conversation, and when these people with this truth model want to do that first, i wait til they are done before i come in to work with them.

when you silence your mind you can hear yourself

People dont need to believe the same thing i do (tho as a propagandist i am generally trying to convince people of things i believe), but i do need my freedom of choice respected.

Sky thinks that this strong eversion on my part belies useful personal self reflection.  Perhaps.

6 responses to “Rants”

  1. tina marshall says :

    thanks man, i also am not into group meditation! and i am frequently amazed at how offended people are when i decline to participate. or, worse, how hard they work to convince me that i simply need to try. i tried, no thanx. not my thing. the hardest part is all those superior beings who condescend to let me know how much i am missing by not being part of these meditations. freedom of choice is important! except when it comes to meditation and group dynamics??

  2. steve ganas says :

    meditation is a waste of time if you dont know what you’re doing. But it multiplies time if you do.

  3. paxus says :

    Dearest Steve:

    i am completely willing to believe you. And i will stay ignorant on this one and just dodge for the time being.

    Paxus at Twin Oaks
    19 Redder 2012

  4. Seby (aka Twigsy on facebook) says :

    Meditation is an interesting tool, but it is not for everyone or every circumstance. If you ever feel that it will serve you well, be open to using it… but perhaps it just isn’t the right tool for the job for you. Life is too complex to be able to say that we all need the same tools. I’ve used it before, but it’s not something I do often.

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