People who stopped the Belene nuclear power plant.

It is a huge win and it shows that to slay this dragon, we need continuity and patience. And a group of people that sticks together, no matter what the pressure. I am incredibly endebted to Albena Simeonova, who kept up the local resistance in North Bulgaria and South Romania and used all of her power and networking to slowly turn over political thinking in Bulgaria;

JanH and Albena talk with the head of the Belene reactor project

Petko Kovachev, who with his bravour and human touch knew how to get through the thick skulls of many a Bulgarian politician; Petar Penchev from EkoGlasnost – principle and chaos combined with never giving up and keeping EkoGlasnost on board in spite of weaker stances of some of its top people; Georghi Kashschiev – former Kozloduy operator, former head of the Bulgarian Regulatory Agency, now professor in risk, who brought us so much vital insight into the Bulgarian nuclear world and used his authority to make the EU listen, banks listen, RWE listen and many Bulgarian politicians listen; Heffa Schuecking, who started an all-out attack on every bank that showed interest; my dear lawyer Sasha Kodjabashev, who on his own filed case after case – even when i did not ask for it – and kept us 4,5 years in court on the Environmental Impact Assessment – and Bulgaria has automatic suspension of administrative decisions during court procedures, so it meant 4,5 years no valid EIA… we were going to prolongue it in the next months with some more years because we had found out that the standing EIA had run out of validity :-D; and Denitza Petrova – who started as volunteer during the famous 2005 “Energy [R]evolution Tour” of the SV Anna, then continued to help out and now is our one person Greenpeace campaigning team; and then all those volunteers, demonstrators, picket-liners at banks, people that accompanied us to bank and investor meetings, bankers, civil servants, experts…. Belene was stopped by a legion of dedicated wonderful people.

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