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From Havana with Love



The taxi is older than me




local super heroine




Essence micro museum





Hawina, statue, and kitten




Saxophone Statue 




Essence Shop/Micro museum





Cuba shares the US’s dark history of racism





No wonder you can never get it untangled




Too hot to handle





Camera Obscura (inside)



Camera Obscura (outside) – Da Vinci lives


Pretty Dragon

Dragons can fly

Dragons can fly.

exotic faces from Dragons fingers

Exotic faces from Dragons fingers.

don't even try to resist

Don’t even try to resist.

walk in the waters fine

Walk in the waters fine.

The better to kiss you with my dear

The better to kiss you with my dear.

She exists only in his mind

She exists only in his mind.

Dragon of delight

Dragon of delight.

Dragon self tattoo

Dragon self tattoo.

She sees right thru you

She sees right through you.

with endless fiance Falcon.

With endless fiance Falcon.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

Poly Comics

The talented and lovely Tikva has started a comic which is largely about polyamory.

kimchi cuddles 1

poly means more processing

Tikva and i lived at Twin Oaks together some years back…

her talents are not limited to art stuff

her talents are not limited to art stuff

Of course poly folks are our own best critics

kimchi cuddles 2


Tikva is highly telegenic - making for good blog material.

Tikva is telegenic – making for great blog material.

how many times have i heard this ...

how many times have i heard this …

i recruited her perhaps a decade back on the Harvard Yard, she was a shooting star

tikva alice

Her comic can be found at http://kimchicuddles.tumblr.com/