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Rewriting the News

i am not a fan of the mainstream media news (MSM).  While they try to be thought-provoking, they are deeply invested in the status quo, including the militaristic tendencies of the US and endlessly talking about China’s nuclear program, while basically ignoring its larger renewables effort.  But while i get agitated about the MSM twisted focus on the news, i have a special enmity for Fox News and its penchant for creating news that fits its bias.

Fox mis-covered the longstanding non-violent protest in Baltimore demanding information and justice in the case of an unarmed local man who the police killed in this way:

Fox clipped the chant and misreported it as “We can’t stop! We won’t stop! So kill a cop!” and then used it as an indication of a change in sentiment that lead to police being murdered in NYC.  See:

If you can’t view these videos, you should know the actual chant was “We can’t stop! We won’t stop! Till killer cops are in cell blocks!”

Fox would go on to apologize for it’s “honest mistake,” bringing Tyrone West, who is leading the chant and the sister of the man killed by police, on the News show and allowing her to speak.  Something makes me think Fox has not learned it’s lesson.

Do you think there might be a problem here?

Do you think there might be a problem here?

Global Climate Change Fox News Style

Any radical (or even progressive) who has been paying attention knows that people who listen or watch no news at all are better off, accuracy-wise, than people who watch Fox News.  So it will be little surprise that Fox News is running an anti-green energy campaign, when it is not relabeling nuclear power plants as environmentally advantageous.

i was only slightly surprised to see that Fox News was claiming the reason that Germany’s solar energy program was so successful is that Germany is so sunny.  Fox News Business reporter Shibani Joshi said, referring to Germany: “They’re a smaller country, and they’ve got lots of sun. Right? They’ve got a lot more sun than we do.”

blue is poor sun

blue is poor sun

For geographically challenged US Americans it is useful to note that Boston and Rome are at the same latitude, so it turns out the solar energy profile of Germany is similar to that of Alaska.  And for the record, it is feed in tariffs and investor protection which has spawned the growth in renewables in Germany, not either the sun or wind resources.

Just as reality TV is generally disconnected from reality, Fox News is a sly satire in the style of the Daily Show, with the joke being on the viewers.