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Stars with Hats

Tuesday is the Star family day.  We all do a K shift (dish washing and post meal clean up) together after lunch.  Hawina and i then do hammocks marketing.  Then Sky and i do a transparency group.  Then Sky and i (and Hawina will perhaps join) do have the new polyamory discussion dinner.  And after dinner the Star family all sits down for a game (the expanded version of Settlers of Catan and Cosmic Encounter have been popular recently).

But before we play, we have created something of a tradition of going into town and getting various exotic and snack foods (avocados, salsa and chips, colby jack cheese and olives, ice cream).  One of the regular cashiers comments on the silly hats that we were all wearing one day.  This resulted in an escalation in the world of silly hats.  The above picture is the most recent result.

At the very end of the night we all pile into Hawina’s giant bed and we do at least a couple of late night educational videos, in the form of West Wings.

I love Tuesdays.

bri and demitri

L to R: Finley, Bri and Dmitri

Like a great rock concert, one of the things that makes Unicorns School wonderful is the surprise guest stars.  At the most recent Unicorns (which i do on alternating Mondays) Bri and Dmitri from Dancing Rabbit came by.

We busted out the costumes at Unicorns and Linus was a fish.

We busted out the costumes at Unicorns, and Linus was a fish.

kristen Linus and Finley

Kristen asks “Do i really get labor credits for this?” Absolutely.

Turns out, Mondays are pretty great also.

Rejoice and Pandora (calf)

Rejoice and Pandora (calf)

Rejoice was excited to show me her new friend. Pandora had just shown up in the middle of the Acorn fields.  We called all our neighbors to find out if she was there.  No one knew anything about her.  For now at least she is living in the seed palace.  Rejoice is very pleased about this.

the Calf's full name is Pandora Midfield "Fieldmouse" Skeeter-Acorn

The Calf’s full name is Pandora Midfield “Fieldmouse” Skeeter-Acorn.

rose trail

I wonder where this trail is going.

Thanks to the Keep for 20 dozen dumpstered roses

Thanks to the Keep for 20 dozen dumpstered roses.

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Community Snapshots

Anya, Linus, Nina, dh,

Anya, Linus, Nina, dh, Samir

Willow, Paxus, preposterous hat

Willow, Paxus, preposterous hat

Shal's ceiling includes a bird's feathers cape, a wasps nest (empty) and a pheasant body.

Shal’s ceiling includes a bird’s feathers cape, a wasp’s nest (empty) and a pheasant body.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]