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Facebook Confessions And Comm Conf RSVP

In 1990 i was going to go to India.  Ultimately, i never made it because upset natives were blowing up tourist attractions and i thought it best to go to Thailand instead.  To get into India i needed to get a visa and the closest location was the Indian consulate in San Francisco.

A large effervescent Indian man behind me on line was chatting me up”

He: Is this your first trip to India?

Me: Why, yes.

He: You will love it

Me: Oh good

He: Or you will hate it

Me: Excuse me?

He: Or you will love it and hate it, no one is ambivalent about India

So it is with Facebook and me. If have written regularly and critically about Facebook (poor performance in addressing violence against women, spreading like cancer, etc).  Facebook has an addictive feel to it, many people who use it complain about their relationship with the service.  There is no effective competition much as Google Plus tried.   It is filled with ads and hidden algorithms for how you get stuff and manipulative practices which should make us worry.

did i mention addiction

did i mention addiction?

And i use it everyday and as much as i hate it, i also love it.  A huge number of the people i want to communicate with are on it.  It is easy to set up events and get useful RSVP data (tho not highly accurate, still useful).  it allows you to remind yourself what someone looks like and who you know that they know.  It permits a certain kind of acceptable stalking, which is both useful and a little creepy.  it is also a tremendous gossip engine, arguably the single largest one in the world.

danger social media ahead sign

As an organizer, one of the thing you really hope for is that the RSVP function on FB will give you some notion as to the number of people who are coming to the event you have posted there.  Keep hoping.  I’ve been involved in several dozen events which have been posted on Facebook and some have more RSVPs than actually come, others the RSVPs on FB don’t come close to the actual number of attendees.

Facebook RSVP translation

The reason for all these thoughts and stories is that some fraction of the people who read this blog are going to the Twin Oaks Communities Conference, which is starting this Friday.  Of the 59 people currently RSVPing on FB only 9 of them are known Oakers or Acorners.  But there are probably 100 more outside participants who will come to this event.

If you are one of them, please go to the Facebook Event Page and RSVP or (even better) go to the Comm Conf registration. This will help the organizers figure out who might really be coming, even if they have not yet registered.

Brilliant Feminist Videos

Despite the hours a day i spend online, i am largely a pop culture media bimbo.  Until i saw this slap down, i was unaware that the pop song i had heard in the car had a highly offensive video.  i take some pride in only being aware of the satire and not the original, which i can full imagine from the cut up was crass and degrading.

One of the places with the most horrific women’s rights crisis is India.  There is a 30% female infanticide rate, honor killings and until recently largely unpunished gang rape. Feminists in India are stepping up with one of the most potent device in the propagandists tool box: satire.

Part of what i love about this following video is that it is a beautiful bilingual presentation.  Aware that some of her audience are more comfortable and comprehensive in Hindi than English, activist and actress Mallika Sherawat flows between the languages while clearly being enraged.  What is also clear is the nationalism she is fighting is as bad as the sexism.

Sometimes your entry on the world stage comes when they put a bullet into your head and you survive.  Malala Uousafzai beat the odds of the Taliban assassination attempt and became the youngest person ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  More importantly, she has leveraged her moment of media attention into a autobiography, high profile interviews (like this link to an interview on the Daily Show) and an enduring non-profit designed to bring educational opportunities to girls and young women in Pakistan.

These videos were all taken from a longer brilliant retrospective article from an online rag i have never heard of called PolicyMic.

The word from India – Wind as cheap as Coal

While far from over, clean energy activists and investors are winning more battles daily in Europe and North America.  New reactor construction has nearly come to a halt, electricity demand appears not just down, but shifted since the recession of 2008.  We are hopefully moving from the endless consumption growth scenario which has characterised the most recent times.   Even with historically low natural gas prices we are seeing more renewables coming on line, especially in Germany.  [With the OECD’s International Energy Agency forecasting over 50% of German’s electricity to come from real renewables by 2030]

ImageBut the west is not the world.  What energy activist often worry about is the increasing demand for energy in especially Asia. So i was pleased to find this bank report on the cost of new installed wind in India being equal to the cost of coal (with no carbon tax added).

This report indicates that the Indian government has double its planned renewables installed capacity to 30 GW by 2017.  Half of this will be in wind power.  It also forecasts that solar PV will be at price parity with coal by 2016 to 2018.

What keeps us from getting where we want to be is not technology or economics, it is politics.

India will double it's renewables by 2017

India will double it’s renewables by 2017