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The Fundamental Problem: Trust

Here is a curious pair of statistics.  Louisa County Virginia has 33K people in it.  It also has four income sharing intentional communities (Twin Oaks, Acorn, Sapling and Living Energy Farm).  NYC has 8.4 million inhabitants.  NYC has only one secular partially income sharing community (Ganas) though there are rumors of another in Brooklyn, we are investigating.

a most extraordinary place

a most extraordinary place

What is going on here?

My theory, which is certainly disputed, is that the foundation of community is trust.  Here in rural Virginia we have it pretty easy at least materially.  Crime is low, we are practiced in being civilized, fair and pleasant to each other (though we don’t always succeed).  Building trust feels good, so we build it.

One of the first thing you are taught by the natives arriving in NYC is “trust no one”.  The city is dangerous and looking for suckers.  Not just financially, but emotionally and if you swing that way spiritually.  It can grind you up and spit you out if you don’t protect yourself from its wiles.

Beatrice disagrees.  Her experience is that the (non-residential) community she experiences in NYC is deeper and richer than other parts of the country.  Beatrice is part of Point A, a guest writer for this blog and is a world class networker.   She is also certainly much more experienced with the city than I am and I often defer to her wisdom.

There are other factors as well, of course.  Exceptionally high rents and real estate values means there is less room for social experimentation.  There is also in my mind a “role your own” mentality in NYC, where everyone seems to cobble together a housing/work/social situation which addresses the pressures of the city.  Generally, there is not much room for others in these ingeniously and carefully crafted arrangements.

Would you join the conversation?

Would you join the conversation?

We are having another event in NYC this very weekend.  In Prospect Park if the weather holds (back at the Brooklyn BUZ if it is raining).  If you are interested in forming community in NYC please feel invited.  Details of where it will be in the Park will show up on Facebook.  Or just email me at paxus at twin oaks dot org and I will hook you up.    Please do RSVP on the Facebook page or in the comment section of this blog post.

Catalyzing Urban Communes Potluck Picnic

Come join activists, artists, communally minded, and friends interested in sparking intentional communities inside NYC.  This lively somewhat structured conversation will explore how to form new communities in the city and what would it take for you to be part of them.  We are also welcoming of people who aren’t interested in living collectively, or who are not seeking an urban setting, but still want to help these kinds of living solutions to exist and are willing to put time into helping or advising.

Share food, share ideas, share dreams, share each other

Prospect Park (exact location TBD)

rain location: Brooklyn Urban dZong

starts 1 PM – ends 5 PM Sunday May 11

bring a picnic dish, preferably vegan

bring your own plate/bowl/flatware/drinking vessel

1:00-1:30 Opening Game and Potluck Feeding Frenzy
1:30-2:00 The Sharing and Solidarity Sermon (a focusing and inciting exercise)
2:00-3:00 Speed Dating Idea Factory: Pairs or small groups will talk to each other for a few minutes with different prompts relating to the Point A project and write down their best ideas on 3×5 cards which they leave behind when they switch partners to inspire and be added to by the next conversation.
3:00-3:30 Hot Idea Selection:  Which of these conversations do we want to develop and work on further.
3:30-4:30 A Deeper Conversation: Medium size groups will coalesce around the selected hot topics for a longer conversation.  Likely including a small group that wants to live in an income sharing community inside NYC
4:30-5:00 Sharing, Summarizing, Next Steps

The Best Name Tags Ever:  When you arrive you will be interviewed by a volunteer who will write you a descriptive name tag packed with relevant information.

The Churning:  Facilitators will be collecting the 3×5 cards and flitting between the group conversations to collect ideas and reinject them back into the discussion and the ending session.