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Night Crew

At 5 AM on New Years Day there were ten people on the dance floor at Tupelo (at Twin Oaks).  All ten were Acorn identified.  While there is nothing intrinsically special about the people who close the party, i was still honored to be with this hardy crew.

Don't even think about it

Don’t even think about it.

Tonight at midnight we found out there were over two hundred seed orders being processed, and there is another 200 which will not get printed until tomorrow morning.  It was nearly Tony’s last day and we were having a goodbye party for him, which also went quite late.  And several of us already suspected the busy season was in full swing, going to the party holding back some energy for work later.

At around 2 AM we went from the party to the new picking office in the new seed building, which is so much nicer than the space we were working in last year. It is a bit hard to describe.  Five otherwise reasonable folks started picking orders at 2 AM.  It took us about an hour and a half to clear out almost all of the first 200 plus.

And as the crowd dispersed amongst some mutterings of praise, everyone felt like they were part of a slightly extraordinary group.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

Confetti: Funological Grade D

It was a comfortable and engaging New Years Eve party at Twin Oaks and a dense and gregarious New Years eve eve party at Acorn.  After years of trying i finally timed my sleeping right so i went to the eve eve party, stayed up late, slept late and then was able to go all night at the NYE party.  At 7:30 AM i was sweeping confetti, i did this until Abigail texted me to come to bed at 9:30.

pretty and oh so wrong

pretty and oh so wrong

Lots of people have been asking me for my grade for these parties.  You might not be familiar with this curious custom, but as part of the quasi-science of funology, we evaluate events on an academic letter range.  A passable party, where people say they “had a good time” garners a C grade.  A novel party, where at least some significant aspect has not been done before can ear a B grade.  And if you change someone’s life (hopefully in a positive way) you can merit an A grade.

If this party was demonstrating anything new it was that we can have a quite small and successful new years.  Besides the Acorners, there were perhaps 50 guests. By comparison some years back the New Years Eve party with the fuzzy tunnels we had 120 RSVPs.

Party adds Color

Party adds Color

We also had a different building then (despite it being in the same location), with much more space.  Tupelo has changed and we have a couple of babies in residence and a need to reduce the party impact in parts of the building.  [Something i failed at as room assignor actually, but that is another post.]  Also the Twin Oaks part of the Southern Exposure seed business is in the rooms above the chair shop and music room in Tupelo, dramatically reducing the amount of free space to put guests and functions into.

But in exit interviews with a number of party participants i asked “was that one of the 5 best parties you have gone to?” and most of the responders said it was and a handful said it was the best party they had been to and were thinking about community differently having come.  That for me as a community recruiter and a funologist is exciting.  Somehow without a novel aspect we managed to pull off an A- event, in my grading (and i am often accused of grade inflation).

it is not enough to look good

it is not enough to look good

But the new knowledge was in the “learn from our mistakes” column.  Confetti gets a D.  No one was hurt by it, but it was almost all downside.  I was somewhat skeptical before the event; it was slightly interesting at the New Year’s moment when there was quite a lot of it in the air.  But now 4 days later, even after cleaning it for hours, it is still everywhere, including at the houses of party guests who attended the party.

You won’t see it next year.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

Poisoned Hot Tub and Improbably arguments

We landed on the night of Dec 26th and i jumped into organizing the party 5 days later in a big way.  One the things the other organizers (Lyndsey and Carly) asked me to seek was content and activities for the event, since they were focusing on food and decorations.  One of the thing i got was a film showing by a friend who was in the area working on the Within Reach release and was going to be in the area for the holiday.

If you had asked me that morning to think hard about the least likely problem i would have had that day, had a thought a lot about it, i might have said “That i will get into an intellectual property dispute about showing a movie on campus.” And so it came to pass that for a couple of hours (until some names got straightened out) this was exactly what was happening.

There was lots of kissing at New Years

There was lots of kissing at New Years – Photo Kassia Arbiba

We successfully deployed the moon bounce and filled the ball pit.  I asked some non-native English speakers to fill the hot tub and they did not read the warming signs on the facet that lead from the furnaces circulating fluid, which is toxic.  So in spite rescuing the hot tub at the last minute, this mysterious toxic water made it unusable for the night.

my favorite DJ - Caroline

my favorite DJ – Caroline –  Photo Kassia Arbiba

And instead of getting frustrated about it, i did a reasonable job of being detached about it and letting it go.

My other favorite DJ - Sky

My other favorite DJ – Sky – Photo Kassia Arbiba

The overall grade for the event was an A- – lives were definitely changed.  More on this in future posts.

Moonbounce or Nothing

“i want to give an earmarked gift to Twin Oaks” said a generous ex-member.

“We are always open to presents, what did you have in mind?” i excitedly asked

“a moonbounce for the New Years Eve party”

“Fantastic, i love the idea, but there is some chance the community will not love the idea, can we get something else if that is the case?”

“Nope.  Moonbounce or nothing.”

“Okay, my job is clear.”

First Zoe (Feonix’s sister) and i had to go make sure that there even was space for this 20′ x 20′ installation.  Fortunately, there is one spot which is the Tupelo parking spot.  The next problem is who agrees that this is okay?  it is high impact for a short time – so i walk thru Tupelo and they are universally enthusiastic (tho some more than others certainly) about the idea.  The other organizers for the event Sabine, Carley and Lyndsey were happy to have more kid friendly activities.  The moonbounce will be near one of these cool hexagonal picnic tables and beside it an outdoor hot tub.

our moonbounce might look like this one

our moonbounce might look like this one

Ez, Zadek, Sami and Arlo at hexagonal table

Ez, Zadek, Sami and Arlo at hexagonal table

our hot tub does not look like this - but this one is styly

our hot tub does not look like this – but this one is styly

Here is the schedule:

  • 5 to 7 PM – All ages
  • 7 to 9 PM – kids only
  • 9 to 12:30 AM all ages
  • 12:30 to 2 AM adults only
  • 2 to ? lingerie and PJs party

At 2 Am we throw blankets and pillows on the moonbounce surface.  We give out PJs and lingerie to people who change into them and jump in.

This is funological heavy equipment.