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Edge of Wisdom Story

I am trying to improve my skills as a storyteller. I am watching audience response to my voice inflections and hand motions. I am making eye contact for certain profound portions of the script. I love to tell the story to intoxicated audiences, because I know they will be rude and interrupt and I want experiences with difficult audiences. 

Storyteller sillotte

This is the story I tell most often. It was originally a love letter to Anissa.

I am told this video is in private mode, and I have not been able to make it be public.  An early version of the text to this story can be found here.

I have a new editor.  We met on OKC and are only a 63% match, but Judy Youngquest and I are having a lovely conversation about keeping the passion in your life. An ex-communard herself she now lives in Florida but hopes to escape back to Ithaca ideally with the right guy.