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We are a hot internet meme

My story, which i completely made up, is that during the time Occupy was raging across the land, millions of protest pictures went up on line.  Including this one:

sabrina occupy

Now a few years later, people are going back and looking through those images and finding ones which they think are compelling and reposting them.

And while it did not garner much attention when it was first posted, when Evolvefest reposted this image on March 28th, the interwebs got pretty excited about it.  It has been shared over 8,000 times in the last 5 days.  Twin Oaks is also getting people asking to join visitor periods because of it.

Though i am nominally in the transformational festival business, i had not heard of Evolvefest.  Which is an annual event in NJ (not northern Nova Scotia as originally reported).  Their Facebook page throws up literally dozens of images every day, but it is rare for their 90K FB friends to get as excited about an image as they did about this one.

For me what is important here is that effects of the Occupy movement are still lingering, largely invisible to the mainstream media which has moved on to the next hot topic.

Transition Winter

It is balmy.  I am walking around in a t-shirt and i am sweating.  It is going to get warmer. Records are being broken, la de da.

Were it October it would look like this - Yellowstone Park

Were it October it would look like this – Yellowstone Park.

It is the kind of weather which makes people think climate change is perhaps a fine thing, at least in the short term.  It is also a state which is important enough to deserve a name.  When i thought about uncharacteristically war weather and what it was called i remembered “Indian summer”.  A term i assume is racist in origin.

I would call this transition winter.  Something is changing, likely it is the climate.  Though as Alexis is fond of pointing out, “the weather is not the climate.”  And just as we ditched the term “Global Warming” for “Climate Change” we can expect that not only will we have uncharacteristically warm winters, we are looking at more “super storms.”

You can get bummed out by climate change and this will almost certainly do no good.  Or you can look at it as an organizing opportunity. For days like today, the plan is simple – go out and enjoy the day [As i write there is a particularly iconic frisbee game going with lots of people in shorts and t-shirts.]

The weather is changing for a reason

The weather is changing for a reason.

For the harsh side of transition winter, we can prepare to outperform the Red Cross.  The idea is to use the opportunities of climate change to build new self-reliant (and hopefully ecological impact mitigating) local groups.  This is another thing the Occupy spirit could grow up to be.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

We are the 4%

I saw this very nice piece of propaganda on FB:

tight, clear, broadly acceptable

This piece is compelling because it speaks to almost everyone.  The rich don’t have to feel attacked, nor do bankers.  People high up in corporate governance can rest assured that if they are fair, if they are “good corporate citizens,” then we can work it out.  This recognizes that the financial system is not going to be brought down by these Occupy and other related protests, and instead what we want is something which is both accessible and broadly reasonable.

I don’t want to be reasonable.  I am not part of the 99%.  I am more like the 4%, which think corporations are structurally-flawed institutions and if we are serious about “saving” this planet (what ever that means) we need to be replacing corporations with networks on intentional communities, internet-based collaborations and worker co-ops.  To rob Jerry Mander. trying to reform corporations is like trying to reform guns (or perhaps better WMDs).  If they exist there is an inherent danger that someone (or many) will get hurt.   Tangled in the very identity of corporations is hurting many people so a few might profit.

one of the many fine comics found at stephaniemcmillan.org

It’s similar to banks —  theyare largely unreformable in their current structures.  As their larger corporate sisters do, banks seek near term profit over sustainability and community welfare every time.  This is not the type of structure I want to continue.

I am cool with democracy.  I would prefer a redistribution of income so that we did not have the current inequity, but if we can just get rid of banks and corporations, I’ll be happy.

I am the 4%.