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Commune Exports – Fatherhood

In the time of Trump, it is critical to seek high functioning alternatives to the mainstream culture.  Twin Oaks and the surrounding cluster of egalitarian communities could be a model for new behaviors of sharing technologies and cooperative culture.  But perhaps our most daring export, because many default culture citizens think they are expert in this, is how to be a father.


Keegan and adder (sic) are two young fathers living in a rural income sharing egalitarian commune.  But if you are willing to listen, i think their advice might be applicable for your world as well.

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Willow behind me, before Women’s March (Pussy hat by Hawina)

Because it is worse than you think – the PP shooting

On Nov 27th, there was a shooter at a planned parenthood office in Colorado Springs.  He killed three people and injured a dozen more.  There was an hours long shoot out/stand off with police.

Some Americans had especially clever things to say.

Pro PP shooter tweets

Pro PP shooter tweets 2

Oh, and you are really going to love this one.

Pro PP shooter tweets 3

Here is what GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger had to say:

“Regardless, if somebody is targeting Planned Parenthood, it’s not indicative of what folks that are opposed to what some of the practices Planned Parenthood commits. We saw these barbaric videos and that is something many of us have a legitimate concern about. That doesn’t mean we’re gonna take guns and walk into Planned Parenthood clinics.”

So where does this leave us?  In a racially and reproductive rights divided country, clearly.  [These images and quotes are from AddictingInfo.com]

Early efforts to find motive for the crime have eluded the media, other than finding he had a history of small violent crimes, including shooting his dog, pushing his wife thru a window and peeping tom charges.  We do know he told the police, “No more baby parts.”

So we were unsurprised when Dear shouted across the courtroom that he was guilty and a warrior for babies.

PP video effect

What we know is that, after killing 3 people, including a cop, and wounding 9 more, and holding over 100 officers in a standoff for 5 hours, he was captured alive.  Dear was white and, in this circumstance, it matters.

Police Chokehold Death

A man steps on loose cigarettes near the site of Eric Garner’s death. If you’re black, the police might kill you for selling cigarettes.


race card.jpg

We know that white men who kill large groups of people are not called terrorists.  We know that persons of color, like the recent San Bernadino shooters, will be called terrorists.

We know that, despite the president’s desire and the will of most of the American people, these assault weapon attacks on civilians in the US will not result in any significant change in gun legislation in the US, because the NRA does not want it.



The Facebook thread was incredulous.  Several people were completely convinced it was a joke.  How could a group fighting breast cancer be taking money from a company which sells fracking fluids and services (an activity believed to cause cancer)?

But not only is it not a joke, it has been going on for a couple years now and until recently no one was paying attention.  The Susan G. Komen Foundation is this nations largest breast cancer fighting organization.  They have been happily taking $100K per year from oil extraction company Baker Hughes.

understandably unbelievable

understandably unbelievable

But for those who have been tracking the Komen Foundation’s political evolution, this should be no surprise.  In 2012, Komen chose to stop funding Planned Parenthood (PP), because they were “under investigation.” This was a thin rouse, which was quickly revealed for what it was, an effort by the conservative leadership of Komen to strike at PP because it provides abortion services.  The investigation consisted of trumped up charges by similarly motivated House Republicans, and it went nowhere.

fashionable corporate giving

fashionable corporate giving

But Komen’s plans to defund PP exploded in their face in a stunning way.  Individual contributions to Komen dropped dramatically.  In the fiscal year in which they made this mistake they lost $77 million over the previous year’s funding, representing 22% of their total income.  Komen reversed its choice to defund PP after only 3 days, but the damage was already done.

Fierce Backlash

Fierce Backlash

There are other problems with Komen.  Specifically, only 20% of the donations they receive go to breast cancer research.  Over 50% go to educational programs.  If you know the non-profit world, it is far easier to hide bloated salaries and bogus programming under the “education” category than under research.  And many critics think research is more important than education at this point.

And thus we add “Pinkwash” to our vocabulary.  As Baker Hughes produces 1,000 pink drill bits to promote their campaign,  there is now a petition to get Komen to reverse their choice, as they did so quickly with their PP foolishness.

Perhaps Komen has outlived its usefulness or is unreformable as an organization, and like Monsanto and Siemens nuclear division, it is time for it to die.