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The Twerking of Paxus Calta-Star

You may know Paxus Calta-Star from his anti-nuclear activism and his  fervent promotion of the communities movement. You may even know a great deal about his romances and personal life from reading this actively updated blog.

However, there is a thing you do not know about Mr. Calta.

I suggest you sit down ladies, gentlemen, co’s and [please insert your preferred pronoun or title here]. The fact I am about to unveil may frighten or shock you, so even if you are the most unfazed radical faerie out there you may want to prepare yourself.

The truth has been kept a secret for sometime now, with the exception of those who pay attention to facebook carefully.

For those of you who do not follow such madness, I,  Miss Belladonna Took will give you the madness of Paxus Calta.

Paxus Calta-Star..


Paxus is a Twerk Fanatic

Paxus is a Twerk Fanatic

He’s a Miley Cyrus wannabe with a flair for letting it all hang-out.

If you’ve read his statuses lately you’ve see updates like:

“i be twerkin all night i be twerkin all day i be twerkin YAY”

“I will be giving twerking lessons at M* 5:30pm today till 7:00”

Apparently there are two masterminds behind Mr.Calta’s obsession with the most controversial dance craze of the season.

Was Miley Cyrus the inspiration for Paxus's obsession?

Was Miley Cyrus the inspiration for Paxus’s obsession?

I myself witnessed him twerk for nearly the entire “Thank You” party for the East Winders who have been working at Acorn for the past few weeks. They are going home tomorrow. Paxus could not seem to contain himself when he realized he had the chance to show off all his twerking skills to a room filled with dupstep-obsessed communards. He twerked all over anyone who give him a glance on the dance floor. He did manage to smoothly ask “Is it alright if I twerk on you?” to each person he used for his extensive twerk show. Luckily his twerking addiction has not caused him to forget the views he stands for. Towards the middle of the night he hollered at the topic of his lungs “Eat your heart out Miley Cyrus!” At this point most people were avoiding his requests for bodies to twerk upon. However a small group of highly intoxicated individuals were taking lessons from Pax and some were twerking on him!

Pax would even twerk on this statue if it gave him consent!

Pax would even twerk on this statue if it gave him consent!

I watched from the sidelines, horrified by Paxus Calta-Star’s dance behavior. I felt very conflicted, I am all for people expressing themselves through any artistic niche they prefer. I feel it is my duty to accept Pax, twerking and all. Having said that, it is still difficult to watch. If I were forced to listen to Justin Bieber cover songs from the opera Carmen, it would be terrible, but not nearly as terrible as the sight that twerked before me. In this case, I could have left. I could have walked to the smoke shack to smoke away my discomfort. I felt guilt for my difficulty to remain open-minded. 

I honestly believe we must all try to accept Paxus, but sometimes there can be to much of a good thing. The behavior I have been seeing from my dear friend lately is quite frankly excessive worrisome. That was not first time he gave Twerking lessons either. I’ve lost track of how many times Paxus has stormed into Acorn’s new seed office in it’s busy season craze, excitedly requesting that people participate in a quick “Twerk Tip” as he calls his classes. Of course our young interns cannot resist and the office is filled with twerk frenzy instead of picking and packing seeds as it should be.

Paxus Calta-Star has a problem my friends. I say we have an emergency transparency meeting to help Paxus bring down his twerking it a healthy amount.


Agent Belladonna Took

Steel Building Burns at Acorn


Firefighters arrived quickly

[Update March 12, i have volunteered to coordinate gifts to Acorn around this event.  If you have anything you want to donate, please contact me (in the comment section here or by email at paxus at twinoaks dot org]

i was quite pleased with the fire at the Acorn steel building.  Not because no one was hurt, tho this was certainly a relief.  Not because the blaze did not leap to the new seed office, which would have been seriously disheartening for Acorn in general and especially the crew working hard to complete it.  Nor was my joy from the fact that the bad chicks were moved to safety a couple days before the blaze.

What i was pleased about was that within an hour of the fire starting, after power was returned to the Acorn campus after having been out for a couple of days, i got 4 different sets of messages that i was happening.  GPaul texted me first, Mac phoned me an update, Puck gave the most details of the blaze and another person who does not like to be named told me what was happening.

What thrills me about this is that all these people thought in response to this tricky situation they would call me.  Not that i was going to do anything in the immediate sense (except blab about it on social media), but because i was someone who it was going to be important to and now is was in the Acorn family and needed to be told about our shared loss.

Steel building post fire interior - weight machine and drying racks - all photos by Mac

Steel building post fire interior – weight machine and drying racks – all photos by Mac

And as has been true for the last several fires, we were quite lucky.  While we lost a new vehicle.

This new car was perhaps 60 feet from the blaze.

This new car was perhaps 60 feet from the blaze.

We did not loose the much more expensive tractor, which is occasionally parked in this building, nor the near by rec collective (a straw bale and thus highly combustible building) nor the all wood new smoke shack.

We did loose a bunch of tools, perhaps 5% of our seed back stock inventory, all of commie clothes, a bunch of empty seed packets, several freezers, lots of supplies.  It was a big building, full of some useful stuff.

Before you could not see thru the building

Before you could not see thru the building

And we are already planning the benefit concert for the commie clothes replacement fund for the week after Acorns Land day celebration (April 6).  Encouraging people to donate useful clothes and costumes to our new library.  And there will be a stage and the circus tent here, so mark your calendars.

Also all our seed packets were destroyed.

Also all our seed packets were destroyed.

lone fire fighter - steel storage building burns March 7, 2013 @ 6 PM

lone fire fighter – steel storage building burns March 7, 2013 @ 6 PM