Unconventional education

A couple of years ago someone asked my son

“How old are you?”

To which Willow replied

“I am six … unless you are the police, then i am eight”

When Willow was younger he rode in a kids car seat.  Which like many kids he disliked.  We told him when he turned 4 he did not have to use it anymore.  And when he turned 4 with quite some fanfare he retired the car seat.  Then the insurance companies of the state forced the legislature to increase the age in which kids had to wear car seats until 8.

Willow was having none of it.  His logic was tight, he was big for his age, he is not required to carry ID and on average the cop would simply believe him.  I dont remember well, but i am pretty certain i did not think this way when i was growing up.

We are traveling to London.  My mother is generously taking Hawina and Willow and i to the capital of Merry Old and the site (as Willow is fond of pointing out) has a high concentration of minor world wonders (admit it, you did not even know there were minor world wonders as such).

“I want to see the 9 foot long white Obelisk that the British stole from the Egyptians.”  Willow demanded today ( before bad weather delayed our flight to London and now somehow are stranded in the Cornell Club in midtown Manhattan).

My parents revered the British, they would never say anything as crass as the heirlooms artifacts, lovingly extracted by world class arhecologists were stolen.

Where does he learn this stuff ?

About paxus

a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

2 responses to “Unconventional education”

  1. sara says :

    oh man, you love this. so much you love this. because you get to take credit in some part for this incredibly charming, delightfully critical kid. thank goodness he has two other parents to absorb the ego inflation.

    and he is wonderful, and despite my better senses, it all reeks of your influence. you’re lucky; he’s lucky. i cant wait to see how you two grow up together.

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