“i am running away from home” Deborah was furious at East Wind.  Four people had put in written anonymous concerns about Sara.  Technically, this means she would be forced to leave the community.  But more troublesome for Sara was that these same four concerns could stop her from visiting East Wind after Villages in the Sky is complete in June.  She has hoped and planned to live here afterwards.

Sara sleeping on a comfy greyhound station floor.

None of the concerns were substantive – she stayed in her room passed the April 1st agreed move out date to the Seed Camp.  Someone thought she was stealing spices – which she had permission to take.  But it was still a sting and even the next day after three of the concerns were withdrawn (and thus technically she was liberated from her threatened expulsion) her relationship with the community was shaken.

But like any large community, East Wind is a complicated heterogeneous group.  While some were upset, others were helpful and supportive.  Roxy and Joey were getting a modified garden cart together for the VIS crew.  And amongst many there is still a feeling of generosity and hope for better relations in the future.

I felt like we turned a corner today and i am especially appreciative of Zeke who did some long and heavy talking with people about this.

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4 responses to “Runaway”

  1. Nathan says :

    Wow, what a bummer.

    Send Sara some love from me. I know this sort of thing can be a real bummer. I hope she still finds a way to enjoy life at East Wind.


  2. anon says :

    seriously ? is that a really good deal can someone just change your life like that because he think you’ve steal spice or whatever ? I understand why in such big comunity there can be whatever (and some time fucking weird point of view) but, in a place lije that here should be space for every one and enuff space to breath and think a little bit for yourself

    you would thing they would be a little bit open mind but not

  3. Paxus Calta says :

    East Wind is a complicated place, i learned a lot about the subtle inner workings of the commune on this most recent visit. the people who had concerns backed away from them, and technically the 4 concerns just start the conversation about what to do about the issues.

  4. ted says :

    Sarah doesn’t need to steal spice she’s spicey enough just by herself.

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