The Flying Lounge

We had a big new years eve party here in 1999.  It was going to be Y2K and people were excited and i wanted to try something different for the party.  I wanted to cover the central portion of the large stairwell in Tupelo north wing and suspend several of our hanging chairs from the beams overhead. Drop in a hanging table and create a flying lounge.  The idea was vetoed as foolish and out of hand.  Over the next 10 years i would try three more times to get the flying lounge approved by the house, without luck.  At the same time i was able to win approval for the fuzzy tunnels (a huge huge impact construction project) and other high impact alterations of the building.  But somehow the flying lounge seemed just a bit too far out there for Tupelo or the party organizers.

Today, Rob Jones with assistance from Xian and Alexi (who is doing a story on us from Russia Today) made it has happen.  I am thrilled.  I sat in the first installed chair today and it was a little bit of heaven.  I dont know if it will work funologically with a relatively small crowd at this years New Years Eve event.  But we are certainly going to try and gather data.  I already have one of the bartenders lined up for the event, Tony – who is a pro.  i explained to Tony that this is not a passive /no power position.  The bartender of the flying lounge needs to strategically eject people from the limited number of chairs.  And they need to do it brilliantly, if someone is being funny an entertaining you want to give the a long run.  If someone is ignoring the people the surrounding walk way, they should stay for a shorter period.  Your tenure in these precision seats is based in part on the amount of fun you are delivering to the party.  And everyone who wants a ride should get one.

next year?

Thanks to Diana (formerly Cloud) for being daring where others had not been willing, and of course my new Tupelo house mates for green lighting.  What a lovely welcome home present.

[PS if you are coming to New Years Eve and you have not told me yet, call me right now.]

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

6 responses to “The Flying Lounge”

  1. Sarah Taub says :

    Pictures please!!! For those of us not lucky enough to try out the lounge.

  2. anissa says :

    ah, dreams come true…yes, post pics! love to see it materialised…could be a wild ride of a year coming up pax since it starts with this dream happenin’
    (as opposed to all those boring ones you’ve had…’wild’ is relative i guess. xx)

    • paxus says :

      @Sarah – pictures later today, the bamboo frames the new hanging chairs were not done until 4 AM this morning, this is a round the clock effort, sliding in at the last possible minute.

      @Anissa – oh it will be wild, this we promise. Wish you were just a bit closer, say 10K miles.

  3. Jaz says :

    It wasn’t the Y2K party when you first tried to get the flying lounge up, it was the year after. At least, that’s when I remember all the fuss.

    I’m glad you finally made it work.

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