Let the rioting begin

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty on all counts.  i did not follow the case closely.  But we know some thing for sure.  It was Zimmermans gun that killed Trevon Martin.  Zimmerman called 911 while he was stalking the unarmed Martin.  It was the bullets from Zimmermans gun that were recovered from the body of Martin.

The Zimmerman verdict should embolden racist gun fanatics across the county, especially where these insidious “Stand your ground” laws exist.

looking for trouble, look here

looking for trouble, look here

In 1992, Rodney Kings brutal beating by police sparked riots nationwide, after his 8-4 hung jury acquitted the police.  After these riots a second trial was held and some small amount of justice was done and two of the officers who beat him went to jail.    53 people died in these riots and over 2000 were injured.

Stand-your-ground-600x472But despite this terrible cost, it seems time for riots to return to America.

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6 responses to “Let the rioting begin”

  1. PJ says :

    I usually leave cases like this alone, because no matter what your opinion, half the people talking about it will want to scream at you. But what the hell.

    I tend to ignore most cases like this, because he was tried and convicted long before he stepped in a court. That usually a court case to the point of it being useless. I also tend to ignore witnesses or accounts, because no matter what oath they take, people lie like rugs on or off the stand on both sides.

    So I try to listen for provable facts or scientific evidence. I did read that that forensics evidence expert said that Martin was ON TOP of Zimmerman when Zimmerman shot him. It is pretty hard to call that murder, no matter how racist or idiotic Zimmerman is or isn’t (he is probably the former, definitely the latter).

    I also don’t think people need that big a reason to riot. People are unhappy and they’ll take whatever chance they can get to prove it. Especially if they are being encouraged by others, like the press and “community leaders” who have everything to gain by said rioting.

    • Arvin says :

      I hear you PJ. For whatever its worth, Zimmerman didn’t even assert a ‘stand your ground’ defense.

      I find it distasteful that someone would call for a riot, arguing that 53 dead (majority of them rioters themselves) was/would be a acceptable price to pay just to stir something up. Riots just encourage more people to arm themselves, and lead to a greater circle of violence.

  2. ezrafreeman says :

    I read an opinion piece earlier today (sadly I can’t recall the source), that said words to the effect of: everyone’s calling for calm, and maintaining order, but pointed out that remaining calm and maintaining the status quo isn’t necessarily the safest choice of action for black people. That by staying calm and not actively disrupting the smooth functioning of society, we’re preserving an order where black teenagers can be killed without consequence. From where I sit, here on the farm, it seems all pretty abstract and remote, but you wonder how long people will put up with laws that provide legal justification for murder, and when they will really start fighting back. And what that fight might look like.

    • PJ says :

      I honestly don’t know they really will fight. Not in any real numbers, or in a manner that will make any difference. For all the oppressive wealth and class distribution in this country/world, people still have it pretty good. When you have a populace immersed in cable tv, xboxes, entertainment 24/7, getting them to stop and pick their head up and take a good look around at what is happening is a tall, tall order.

  3. Anon says :

    People don’t riot anymore in the U.S They have work the next day and bills to pay. No one has time to go to jail anymore. The indoctrination is strong, and people will miss the t.v shows they watch religiously. It’s a lot easier to just post an aggressive facebook post and then debate with your friends about how crappy our government is. They’ve taken the youth’s courage to act, and they’ve ravaged the belief that we can make a difference. So what can we do? Go out into the streets get arrested, miss our rent payments, (not to mention ridiculous fines) and end up in a worse spot than before? and for what? For the media to turn it into something it’s not, and have society beat us back into submission. The American revolution is not ready yet. There are too few talking about it, and too many are too comfortable.

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