Gifts to Acorn and the First Day of Busy Season

Thanks to all the fine folks who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign; yesterday we made our goal of $10,000 with several days left to complete it.

There were some enlightening and curious things about this fund-raising campaign for me.  The people who are supposedly our competitors turned out to be some of our larger donors.  The folks who know our business are not surprised by this.  We do not really operate as competitors, especially when it comes to operating experience and mistakes made.

The shared  desire to practice and spread heritage and organic plants has created a collection of companies which support each other in ways competitors usually do not.  For many of us we see our competitor as Monsanto.

A new evolutionary trajectory

A new evolutionary trajectory

Acorn was also given $5000 by an anonymous donor, which was the cause for some celebration.

New member Falcon also arrived early in a somewhat vain effort to surprise his partner Dragon.  The smoke shack was hopping after our brief community meeting, and Falcon burst in to many welcomes after driving all day from Minneapolis.  But after perhaps too little festivity, i pulled the trick where i recruit from the smoke shack and get people to pick orders.  It was the first day of the busy season, we had over 100 orders in.

Dragon in the new picking room

Dragon in the new picking room

It was also the first full day of orders which was picked in the new picking room.  The space was large and much better able to handle the 6 and 7 people who were picking there late at night.  We finished the 100 orders in about 40 minutes, which bodes well for the busier days to come.

When i talk with Acorners about the busy season they are excited.  Not because we will finally get back into Heartwood after the Arson repairs.  Not even because we will have this new beautiful seed palace to work out of, but because (in my read) it brings the group together and directs our sometimes scattered efforts.

Falcon and Irena - forget the party, there is work to do.

Falcon and Irena late night picking – forget the party, there is work to do.

After our flash mob picking event, some of us went to the hot tub to relax.  For all the struggles of the last year, it is still an amazing place to live and work.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]

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  2. Breeze says :

    It’s so exciting to hear about the Acorn’s successes; I’m so happy for you all. And thanks for posting pictures of the new picking room, it’s thrilling to see the physical progress!

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