Six creatures game

I actually take some credit for this (those who know me  are not surprised by this).  There is a brilliant game we play here, developed in the early days of the commune to allow people to explore their attractions to others in the community without risking rejection.  It was originally called the 4 point game.

The way it worked is that everyone in the community who wanted to play could and you had to cross your name off the list to not be considered playing (this is a negative check off as has been so controversial around the PIRGs).  You got a game card with all the players on it and you could choose as many as you liked of the four options with each person.  The options were 1) Have a work date, 2) Have a cuddle date, 3) Make out 4) have sex.

In the time leading up to Validation Day, you would turn in your ballot and “iron lips” would find the matches and only report the matches back to you and the persons you were playing with [Iron Lips is the person who gets the information and is sworn to secrecy – Kathryn plays this role for the community recently, for many years it was Cassie].  So if i wanted everything with Chris and Chris only wanted to work with me.  I would get a report back that Chris and i had agreed on a work date – Chris would get the same report.  This way you dont have to deal with any rejection and the person you are interested in, does not even know it.

Paxus signign validation day cards

Validation Day Card Signing Circa 2000 (?)

When Mica (formerly Apple) and i took over the game for a validation day some years back, we decided to make some modifications.  Instead of the abstract points we decided we would identify different types of creatures whose characters matched the activity and that we would broaden the spectrum of possible dates that got created.  This years 6 creature game consisted of:

1 ) Ants – work dates

2) Puppies – play dates

3) Kittens – cuddle dates

4) Fish – kiss at the party

5) Rabbits – Sex date

6) Doves – relationship

I encourage people to play this game somewhat daringly.  To make lots of offers, especially for work and play dates.  Zane and i just played go for the first time, which is something i would not have even considered organizing were it not for this game.

There are several stories of people being surprised by their 6 creature results and more than a handful of longer term romantic relationships (and dozens of play and work dates) that i am aware of which would never have gotten started without the anonymous forum in which to express their interest.


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5 responses to “Six creatures game”

  1. jan haverkamp says :

    congratulations 🙂

  2. Will says :

    I like the game idea, and I like the creature choices, too. But I need to know: Is a lovebird a form of dove?

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