7 reasons to come to the Communities Conference instead of Burning Man

Tragically for some of us, the Communities Conference and Burning Man both happen over Labor Day weekend. Burning Man is a 50,000 person festival which happens in the middle of the dessert in Nevada and is transformational for many of its participants. Here is a comic review of why you should choose the Communities Conference instead.

1) You don’t want Playa dust in everything you own for the next month. Try as everyone does, the incredibly fine desert sand follows BM participants home and gets into everything they own.

2) It turns out sleep is important to you. The party goes on 24/7 in Nevada, and the blaring techno music can be heard across the entire temporary city.

3) You can’t get tickets to Burning Man. The event is sold out, and it is extremely hard to get tickets. The Communities Conference still has plenty of spaces and you can register here.

4) You can actually afford to go to the Communities Conference. Registration is still a unusually reasonable $90 – $130 for camping out. Burning Man is $400 for the ticket alone, and easily more than $1000 to get there and be equipped!

5) You don’t need to figure out a complicated costume to come to the Communities Conference, though feel free to bring one if you want!

dont forget your batteries

don’t forget your batteries

6) This month you are more interested in building sustainable collective connections than energy intensive art expressions.

7) If you have seen one massive pyrotechnic explosion demonstration you have seen them all.

Ok this is pretty cool and not at the communities conference

Ok this is pretty cool and not at the communities conference

This is my most popular blog on Burning Man

This is my most important blog on Burning Man

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]


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8 responses to “7 reasons to come to the Communities Conference instead of Burning Man”

  1. richard w. lisko says :

    Though I’ve never been to a BM, I do hope to get to a communitees conference one day. Are y’all having fun?

  2. Seby (aka Twigsy) says :

    Hope it’s been a great weekend for the CC!!! Wish we could have been there.

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